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So, uhh... Commission Information!

☆ Would Anyone Like To
Commission Me? ☆

Just y'know... puttin' it out there! I'll literally draw ANYTHING you could ever desire, and this includes any pairings yaoi, yuri or het from anything out there so long as I have references. If you'd like me to draw an OC of yours, you can provide me with any pre-existing art of them OR references to characters that may possess certain attributes you envision them having [example: 'this character's eyes have the right shape' or 'this character's hair style would be PERFECT if it were only shoulder-length'] and we can have some awesome one-on-one guidance time as we discuss and help to create the look of your OC!

So, please consider me if you're looking for some commission work! It's a rough season in an even rougher year, I know, but this is true for all of us and, as such, some peddling of my wares is a bit necessary! XD
[Tsuyogari] Tenderness

✖ How's My Driving? ○ RP & Art Critique Post ✖

Okay, so this is an open entry [like I've seen so many people have] for critiquing my RP. Most people seem to like screening on these things, so... I suppose I'll be screening comments. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF PETE GIVE ME HONEST CRITIQUE! I can take it. /;A; I just want to improve myself!

○ My art can currently be found on Deviantart and at my Website.

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☆ I RP or Have RPed the Following ☆

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RP Character Sex Life Meme

The RP Character Sex Life Meme

It's not only fun, but helpful to explore as many facets of your character's personality and life experience as you can in the world of RP! Sometimes, over the course of filling-out personal information memes, you discover things about your characters that you haven't really considered before.
That being said... have you considered your character's sexuality to its fullest? Here is a helpful meme that will hopefully allow you to explore some of those down and dirty details of your character's sexuality!

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